Soup Makers

Soup Maker Best Buys From PainFree Shopping:

If you use a blender and make soups then get your moneys worth by buying a quality blender that also makes soup well, our recommended best buy combo blender/ soup maker is the Cuisinart SSB1U.

If you’re a soup fan  then you need a good quality dedicated soup maker which can do chunky and puréed soups as well as broth, our  best buy domestic Soup makers are The Morphy Richards range. Our recommended model is the Sauté & Soup Maker, you can brown off onions, lardons etc… in the jug before adding other ingredients.

If you’re a serious home chef looking for a high  quality  multi-purpose blender which will make soup  then opt for the Vitamix Aspire  it will cost about £500, make hot soup in 5 minutes and has a 7 year guarantee. It will make creamed and puréed but not chunky soups!

Warning: Soup Makers boil thick liquid at chest/face height, avoid accidents, only buy quality guaranteed appliances.

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