Sandwich Makers

Sandwich Maker Best Buys from PainFree Shopping:

Sandwich Makers for those who like their toasties!
If it can’t make a decent toasted sandwich, clean easily and is good value then it won’t be here.

Our recommended best buy electric sandwich maker is the Breville Deepfill, Breville invented the sandwich maker and have been making them for 40 years,

!Our top performer is the German engineered Krups.

We also love our recommended  non electric sandwich toaster, use it on the hob, great for camping and you can make toasties on the BBQ with it.

All our best buy electric sandwich  makers have 2 year guarantees or better, except Breville which only have 1. (check to see if they do extended warranties with your product).

If you want the security of a 2 year guarantee then choose the  Andrew James Deep Fill toastie maker, it’s a little smaller and slightly cheaper than the Breville

For a different kind of sandwich, if you like the look of a breakfast muffin  you can make your own with the Hamilton Beach Sandwich maker. Only a 1 year guarantee on this one, but we look at is more as an addition to not a replacement for  your toasted sandwich maker.

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