Whistling Kettles

Whistling Kettle Best Buys :
We have a select range of whistling kettles which are all high quality and have  excellent guarantees.
Our Best Buy budget Whistling Kettle, the imperial easycook, still costs under £10 (August 2018) and has a 5 year guarantee (register online https://www.imperialgb.com/register-guarantee/ )
A Stellar Whistling kettle is made of high grade 18/10 stainless steel (Contains 10% nickel for Brilliant luster, increased Rust-resistance and a more durable construction), they have a thick thermic base suitable for any type of hob and carry a lifetime guarantee (25 Years). We recommend this range for best buy lifetime kettles.
The Kitchen Craft Whistling Kettle range have 10 year guarantees.
If you have the budget and want your kettle to be something rather more than a simple appliance then take a look at the Alessi designer range.
Le Creuset Kettles are guaranteed for 5 years, we have had many reports of the enamel chipping on the inside of their kettles and rust spots appearing so do not feature any Le Creuset enameled kettles if you are looking for one you can find them here .

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