Traditional Kettles

Traditional Kettle Best Buys :

Buy one buy for life, we only recommend two makes both from established British companies with well over 100 years experience in kettle making

Stellar Traditional kettles are made of high grade 18/10 stainless steel, they have a thick thermic base suitable for any type of hob and carry a lifetime guarantee (25 Years).   Stellar will normally  send you a replacement kettle out if they fail within this period.
Kitchen Craft master class Traditional Farmhouse Kettles are dishwasher safe. Made from stainless steel with an aluminum disc sandwiched in the base so they are suitable for any hob type, they carry a 15 year guarantee.

Specialty Kettles:
These are usually Japanese imports and only have the standard retailers guarantee.

Cast Iron Kettles: Are more suited for use on a wood burning stove and can be also used as humidifiers.
Copper kettles tend to be very expensive and are claimed to have health benefits, including promoting weight loss.

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