Hot Water Dispensers

Hot Water Dispenser Best Buys from Painfree Shopping

All our best buy selections have excellent features. Our recommended best buy fixed volume and No. 1 selling hot water dispenser is the Breville VKJ142 Hot Cup. Despite it only having a one year guarantee it is  a  great product at a very affordable price. Apart form the Brevilles all our best buy choices have 2 year guarantees.
Our recommended best buy variable volume hot water dispenser is the Morphy Richards Accents.
If you have the room in your kitchen and want hot water permanently on tap, get rid of your kettle and splash out on a Lincat commercial grade dispenser, it needs a mains connection.
We do not recommend dispensers with built in Brita filters, if you want to boil pure water buy a separate Brita filter jug and use that to fill your hot water dispenser. But if you must have one then the Bosch Filtrino II is the best of the bunch, it has preset temperature selection and variable fill too.
Please remember to empty your hot water dispenser at night and refill it with fresh water in the morning.

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