Juicer Best Buys from PainFree Shopping:

A Juicer will extract the liquid  from your fruit, veg, grass, nuts etc…   leaving the pulp behind, giving you a thin juice drink. If you want a thick drink with all the pulp &  roughage (fiber) from your fruit & veg then use a blender to smash and reduce the whole fruit, veg etc… to a drinkable slush. Our best of the best centrifugal models, The Philips Avance has a ‘texture control’ allowing you to keep up to 50% more fiber than a standard model.

For quick juicing of hard fruit & veg (apples, pears, carrots etc… but they don’t do leafy veg!) use a centrifugal model, however we would strongly recommend using a masticating (or slow) juicer, although slower you will get  much better quality juice and be able to extract  juice from a wider range of produce ( nuts, wheatgrass, leafy veg, soft fruit etc…).
If your looking for small amounts of premium Juice then a Manual Masticating juicer might be more suited to your needs.
If you just need orange juice then go for a citrus juicer.

All our Best Buy electric juicers have a minimum 2 year guarantee